The New England Lighthouse Series (NELS), a companion to the Northern Ocean Racing Trophy, represents the culmination of a successful Performance Handicap Racing Fleet offshore season.

Established in 2003, the New England Lighthouse Series is designed to encourage participation in offshore racing for New England and Mid-Atlantic boats racing with PHRF Distance ratings from 30 to 129.

Each year’s winner will receive a “keeper” trophy and will have their name inscribed on the perpetual New England Lighthouse Series Trophy on display at the Stamford Yacht Club.

Mandatory Races

Racing and finishing in good standing in the Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race and the Stamford Yacht Club Vineyard Race is mandatory each year. Each boat must also race and finish in good standing in one additional qualifying race:

Sam Wetherill Race
Annapolis-Newport Race1
Marblehead-Halifax Race1
Around Long Island Regatta
Edgartown ‘Round the Island Race
Monhegan Island Race
Ida Lewis Distance Race

1 - in odd-numbered years


Each qualifying boat must finish in the first three places of her class in at least one of the qualifying races.
  1. The series will be scored with a low point score system
  2. The score for each race is determined by the following formula: The fleet finishing placement will be divided by the number of boats racing in the fleet of each event (2nd Place [2] / Number of boats in the fleet [15] = .1333).
  3. The scores of the two mandatory races – described above - and one (1) of the optional races will be added together for the final overall low score.

Photo Albums

Winners 2003 - Present

2003 Galadriel John Santa
2004 Falcon Mark Minkus
2005 Synergy David Spense
2006 N.A. N.A.
2007 Tenacity III Peter Gould
2008 N.A. N.A.
2009 Tenacity III Peter Gould
2010 Fin II Tom O’Connell
2011 Gringo Michael McGuire
2012 Kyrie John DiMatteo
2013 Kyrie John DiMatteo
2014 That’s Ridiculous Francis Nilsen
2015 Young American AYC Jr. Big Boat Team
2016 Tenacious Jeff Taylor
2017 Gemini James Coffman
2018 Towhee Paul Jennings
2019 Duet Andy Lubimov