The Northern Ocean Racing Trophy (NORT) and Double-Handed Ocean Racing Trophy (DHORT) represent the culmination of a successful and highly competitive offshore racing season scored under Offshore Racing Congress’ ORC International (ORCi) rating. 

Winners will have their names inscribed on the perpetual trophy alongside some of the great racing yachts and captains of the past. Prepare your boat and crew now to make sure you are scheduled to participate in the appropriate qualifiers and are eligible for these most coveted and prestigious of offshore racing trophies. Qualifying races that do not offer ORC classes will be rescored using time-on- time corrections and ORCi single number All-purpose ratings for all boats that, at the start of each race, have a valid ORCi certificate.

Mandatory Races

Racing and finishing in good standing in the Stamford Yacht Club Vineyard Race is mandatory every year. Each boat must also race and finish in good standing in the Newport to Bermuda Race in even years, and either the Marblehead-Halifax Race or the Annapolis-Newport Race in odd years. Each boat must also race and finish in good standing in one additional qualifying race:

Storm Trysail Club Block Island Race
Annapolis-Newport Race or Marblehead- Halifax Race (Odd-Numbered Years)
Ida Lewis Distance Race
Bermuda Short-Handed Return Race (DHORT only)


  1. Each qualifying boat must finish in the first three places of her class in at least one of the qualifying races.
  2. The series will be scored with a low point score system
  3. The score for each race is determined by the following formula: The finishing placement will be divided by the number of boats racing in the fleet of each event (2nd Place [2]/ Number of boats in the fleet [15] = .1333).
  4. The scores of the two mandatory races – described above - and one (1) of the optional races will be added together for the final overall low score.

Photo Albums

NORT Winners 1961 - Present

1961 Reindeer E. Newbold Smith
1962 Ondine S.A.Long
1963 Loon Gifford B. Pinchot
1964 Huntress Morton H. Engel
1965 Ondine S. A. Long
1966 Thunderbird T. Vincent Learson
1967 Windquest A. Justin Wasley
1968 Thunderhead Paul Hoffman
1969 Ergo Conrad James
1970 Carina Richard S. Nye
1971 Sorcery J. French Baldwin
1972 Zest Irving Pratt
1973 La Forza Del Destino Norman Rabin
1974 Charisma Jesse Phillips
1975 La Forza Del Destino Norman Rabin
1976 Recluta Walter Hansen
1977 Wildflower R. Randle Scarborough
1978 Aries Mike Swerdlow
1979 Invernes R. W. McCullough
1980 Williwaw Seymore Sinett
1981 Recluta Walter Hansen
1982 Carina Seymore Sinett
1983 Toscana Eric P. Swenson
1984 Retaliation F. Parker Heinemann
1985 Silver Star David H. Clark
1986 Silver Star David H. Clark
1987 Rampage / Bravo (IMS) Randolph G. Richmond / James L. Dolan
1988 Blue Yankee / Dragon Fire (IMS) Robert C. Towse, Jr. / David Elliman
1989 Blue Yankee / Dragon Fire (IMS) Robert C. Towse, Jr. / David Elliman
1990 Blue Yankee / Denali (IMS) Robert C. Towse, Jr. / Lawrence S. Huntington
1991 Denali / Bully (IMS) Lawrence S. Huntington / Richard P. Heffering
1992 Idler / Aurora (IMS) George David / Skip Sheldon
1993 Blue Yankee / Foundation Robert C. Towse, Jr. / Masato Fujimaki
1994 Emily (IMS-C/R) / Aurora (IMS-R) Edwin Gaynor / Skip Sheldon
1995 Froya (IMS-C/R) / Blue Yankee (IMS-R) William Gunther / Robert C. Towse, Jr.
1996 Mensae (IMS-C/R) / Blue Yankee Earl Lristiansen / Robert C. Towse, Jr.
1997 High Noon (IMS) / Ptarmigan (IMS-C/R) Arthur W. Conway / Larry Dickie
1998 Blue Yankee (IMS) / Froya (IMS-C/R) Robert C. Towse, Jr. / William Gunther
1999 Appreciation (IMS) / Harrier (IMS-C/R) Jeffrey Siegal / Steven Munger
2000 Blue Yankee (IMS) / Emily (IMS-C/R) Robert C. Towse, Jr. / Edwin Gaynor
2001 Blue Yankee (IMS) / Somerset (IMS-C/R) Robert C. Towse, Jr. / Walton Alder
2002 Carrera (IMS) / Zaraffa (IMS-C/R) Joseph T. Dockery / Huntington Sheldon
2003 Harrier (IMS) / Dawn Treader (IMS-C/R) Steve Munger / Larry Cohen
2004 Galadriel (IMS-C/R) / Harrier (IMS) John Santa / Steven Munger
2005 Bright Star (IRC) Richard Breeden
2006 Blue Yankee (IRC) Robert C. Towse, Jr.
2007 Blue Yankee (IRC) Bob & Farley Towse
2008 Vamp L. J. Sitar & A. J. Evans
2009 Rambler George David
2010 Carina Rives Potts
2011 Christopher Dragon Andrew Weiss
2012 Ptarmigan Lawrence Dickie
2013 Rambler George David
2014 Honahlee H. L. DeVore
2015 Spookie Steve & Heidi Benjamin
2016 Warrior Won Christopher Sheehan
2017 Warrior Stephen Murray
2018 Spookie Steve & Heidi Benjamin
2019 Warrior Stephen Murray
2020 Not Awarded  
2021 Not Awarded  
2022 Christopher Dragon Andrew & Linda Weiss

DHORT Winners 2007 - Present

2007  Paladin Jason Richter
2008  Mireille Hewitt Gaynor
2009  Paladin Jason Richter
2010  Lora Ann Richard du Moulin
2011  Paladin Jason Richter
2012  Paladin Jason Richter
2013  Not Awarded  
2014  Lora Ann Richard du Moulin
2015  Alibi Gary Grant
2016  Lori Ann Richard du Moulin
2017  Alibi Gary Grant
2018  Next Boat Mark Ellman
2019  Pegasus Hartmut Ludwig
2020  Not Awarded  
2021  Not Awarded  
2022  Group 5  NEKA Sailing

The bronze sculpture created by
Searle Lansing Jones, portrays
Southeast Light on Block Island,  
which is an important aid to navigation
and milestone on nearly every qualifying
race. This version of the trophy was
commissioned on March 29, 1992
and is on permanent display at
Stamford Yacht Club.