Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Opti
(8-17 Years Old)
Intermediate Opti will encompass the widest range of skills and interest levels. For some, it will be about being on the water with their friends and acquiring new sailing skills.  For others, it is a transition class into Opti Racing.  

Coaches will identify and assess juniors according to their abilities and desire.  By the end of the program, juniors will gain exposure to green fleet racing which will put them on track for Opti Racing. Juniors who are less inclined to race will enjoy the adventure/fun element which will be integrated into the curriculum. Advanced juniors may move up to Opti Racing mid-program at the discretion of the coaches.

Sailors are encouraged to provide their own boat. Limited charter boats are available.

Reachers Adventure Sailing
(12-17 Years Old)
This class is perfect for sailors that prefer the recreational and social aspects of sailing. Sailors will improve their boat handling through on-the-water games, distance sails and will introduce spinnaker flying and trapezing.
Boats are provided.

Opti Racing
(8-15 Years Old)
Opti Racing is for sailors who love the sport and want to focus on racing skills. The class is appropriate for sailors who have completed Intermediate Opti and wish to focus on racing and competing at JSA events.

Sailors must provide their own boat.